About Us

Shamia Architects was established in 1983.
In head of the office Is Yigal Shamia, an architect and urban planner, graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Technion, Haifa, 1981.

Since established, the firm has designed a wide variety of projects: 
residential neighborhoods across the country, industrial buildings, public buildings, commercial buildings, apartment buildings and private homes.
The firm focuses these days on projects which are mostly in the residential: apartment buildings, residential towers and private homes. 
As a result, the firm designs the living environments and interior design that require a great deal of attention, creativity and professional knowledge.

In public construction, the firm is also planning synagogues with reference to the uniqueness of the community traditional design with integration of design innovation and originality.
The firm also specializes in the preparation of urban construction plans and projects of urban renewal which requires professionalism, patience and
long-term vision.